Malcolm M

Malcolm M


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7 The Vaults, St Johns Square, Glastonbury, BA6 9RN


30 £

1. Who is Psychic Malcolm M?


Psychic Malcolm M is a psychic who has gained a following online for his predictions and advice. He is also known for his witty and clever explanations of his predictions.


2. What is Psychic Malcolm M’s story?


Psychic Malcolm M’s story is that he was born with the ability to see into the future. He has used his gift to help people with their problems and to make predictions about the future.


3. What are his predictions?


Psychic Malcolm M has made predictions about a variety of topics, including the future of the world, the stock market, and individual people’s lives. He is also known for giving advice about love and relationships.


4. What is Psychic Malcolm M’s advice?


Psychic Malcolm’s advice is often based on his predictions. He also gives advice about love and relationships, and he has a philosophy about life that he shares with his followers.


5. What is Psychic Malcolm’s philosophy?


Psychic Malcolm M’s philosophy is that we are all connected and that we should use our gifts to help others. He also believes that we should live in the present moment and not worry about the future.


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